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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  September 25, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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manage their fiiances, and pay their bills oo time are forced to pay for 3 puesday september 25th 3 3 3 3 p, 3
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a man dies while in police custody.and now... the department is launching a criminal investigation into his death deathtom rodggrssis hhre witt more on this story... lus today's other top stories.ggod morning, tom. police have not identified the man... but family and friends say his name is anthony anderson. heewas 46. 46.wwtnesses say he was in the neiggborhood, visitiig his mother friday... when a plaan clothes fficer jjmped from an unmarkeddcar and confronted been involved with drugs. but witness say there were no prugs. they are calling itt.. police brutality. ((ackson) "this mannwas
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walking with a imp.. there's no way a perrsn with a drug that wassthh case, should be dead, which he wasn't. that man was coming from the store, either going to his mother's house or goiig to his car which was parked there aad today.."iniiially... police say anderson dded from chokkng autopsy shows that's incorrect. complete report to determine the exact cause of death. aathony barksdale... the acting commisssoner of the baltimore city policee department... is on medical leave.that's according to gugilelmi ... who tells the needs an indefinite amount of time off to treat a medical days before anthhny bbtts... - thh city's new police commissionee... is set to to tart on hursday. everything is back to normal this morning after reports of a bomb threat at dulles international airpoot late last ight.officials shut down the airport's daily parking delaying seeeral arriving
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flights... buu no bomb was found.police have made no arrests. labor disputes between american airlines and its pilots unionn.. is causing even more canceled ann delayed flights.according to "flighttstats-dot-com"... more than 1-hundree flights were canceled monday.that brings the tooal number of cancellations to 5-hundree-70 since the conttact dispute began more than a week ago. pilots are upset because more hours... and the aarline is proposing freezing or terminating their etirement plan.more pilots are now filing questionaale maintenance coomlaiits andd calling in sick. the supremeecourt could announce today wwether it will ttke up two same sex marriage involves a new york woman who sued, saying she had to pay federal taxes on hhr wife's estate after she died, because at the time, new york state diin't recognize their out-of-state marriage. a california case enters onnthe
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state's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage. if the justices take he cases a ruling wouldn't happen until next year. "toys r' us" is getting ready to hire thousands of seasonal workers.and this year... they're adding 5-thousand more jobs than last year.the toy retailer says it plans to add 45-thouuanddtempprary employees says the extra help ill be around through the new year... and could possibly llad to full-time employment. baltimore's aaman streaker is out of jail , this morning... after ddsrupting sunday night's ravens game. game.mark harvey was at it again.he's the same guy who was arrested foo running oo the fiell during orioles opening day in april.harvey stripped down to is batman underrear and superhero cape. laat night, he wrote an antt- bullying message on his chest.3 fans had mixee reviewss 3
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kelsie: 17.34.34 "and, he wasn't fully naked, so not thaa impressed. if youuwanna streak, get own. streak."joe foods17.32.11 "look at how much time they're iving himm if they weee that concerned, they've have baltimore pd out t" there."harvey escaped charges the first time around.this time, though, thh severn man faces multippe counts of prespassing, disorderly conduct and dditurbing the peace. a favorite childhood paattime ggts a thumbs down from child safety experts. experts.aanew report from the american academy of pediatrics urges parents to keep their kids off trampolines, even those ith netting or padding. according to the report, theree were 98-thousand trampoline- related injuries in the u-s in 2009.they say trampolines pports llke gymnastics, and only underradult supervisionn 3 3
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the orioles take a hit...they lost against the toronto blue doubleheeder plit and drop out of first place in the a-l but for one orioles fan.. just being able to hear the game is a dream come ttue. true.(phyllis cheers)"just go o" o's!!!!"phyllis shotwell is 88 years old...and just got fiited with an ear implant. she's been a die-haad o's fan for yeers... but when she lost much harder to follow her favorite team.but wwth the oper now restored. (phyllls shotwell- 88 year old " (phyllis shotwell- 88 yyar old fan) "we'll it made a big saying.phyllis had her ear s sa.
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surgery at g.b.m.c. the suspecttin a bizarre break-in at an oregon home... appears n court. court.on monday... christian villarreal-castillo appeared in front of a judgg... juut days after he waa found sleeping on a woman's kitchen f. floor. deputies say hee things to sttal.the suspect police believe it was because... he planned to se the bathroom...right there ii the kitchen ... and leave it behind. patton says: " what bothers me a liitle bit is his present he was going to leaae us after he robbed us. or, was e just so loaded and incapaaitated that phat's what happened? i would h" hope." the suspect was taken to jail... and now faces several charges.investigators saa he coold face more charges lindsay llhan... channels elizabeeh taylor. taylor.commercial nats &pnatsbut does she succeed?a
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sneak peek at the trailer for "liz and dick." dick." you're honey harvest festivvl reminds
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us of ways e can use honey. honey. emily gracey joins us with hotspot. - how can we use honeyy- can we purchase honee this weekend?- how do you control the bees? bees? 3 the 31st annual honne harvest the 31st annual honey harvest festival takes
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place saturday september 29th and ssnday september 30th from 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.for mooe information log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. a baby goat... saved from drowning.
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drowning.goat crying nats natsthe unexpected hero who came to his rescue.this s something you have to see to be. believe. you're nn!nn!n!n!n! pogs rescuing people... but
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never a ig escuusng a goat. unbelievable video oo whatt ptuck in a pond at a petting zz. zoo.goat crying attgoat in the water water 3
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3 work off stress.. with workou. wwrkout.exercises youucan do to help ""nhace your calm." calm."our expert is taking phone lines are open now... watching foo 45 good day 're baltimore. ((brea
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3 fiber map 3
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-3 surfaced... off hat haotic niggt in towson, that left one perssn shot. shot.tom rodgers is here withh more onnwhat it shows... and a look at the day's ther top stories.good morning, tom. good morning, patrice and joel. the video shows what happened blocks from ampus.ust a few - campus.police got several calll about fighting ... after peveral people were turned away from a ppivate party at the recher theater.a fraternity rented the spacee for a fundrrising eventand phe theater holds about 600.... but police say more than 2 thousand showed up.and one of those turned away from the party eventually ggts shot in the hand whiie tryinggto leave....
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the parking garage at towson town center... and someone pired shots out the center... anddssmeone fired shots oot himm">officers arrested and charged several people with assault and disorddrly conduct. video and interviewing possible witnesses. ttey say most of the peopll involved 3re not tooson students. should city employees be able &pto enter into contracts with &ptheir own agencies for oottid? services?the city's inspector general doesn't think so. so now... the i-g's office is trying to close seveeal gaps in the city's ethics code by changing thh wants to city emppoyees to ave outssde contracts with the agency theyy former lobbyists from giving gifts to ellcted officials for at leaat a year.. itts the city councilman says e supports. close the gaps, i think we
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should be as transparent as we can possibly be. i think by and largg the memebrs of the council, this council. are stri" striaagtfowarddthe new law it's our duty to hold elected officials can do that by joining our fox45 waste watch.if you have a our hotline... 410-662-1456.hooline... can also log onto our website fox baltimore today s the last day 3 for missouri congressman todd for senate... if he choosee to do so. so.akin has been under fire for comments he made about &prape-induced pregnancies.last month... he said a woman's body has a way to stop prrgnaacy during leeitimate rapes. mitt romney said akin should bow out and v-p candidate paul ryan, called akin perronalll to suggest he step aside. akin says hh intends to stay in the game. 3&world leaders are coming
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together today in new york city for the united nations general aasembly.middle east violence, famine, and global warming are expecteddto be hot's highly and prrsident barack obama.on, this will be the president's consumer repprts is out wwth a list... of the country's best the list is "kaiser"....which aaso ranked best in the medicine ategory.another high- ranked plan is the non-profitt harvard piigrim health care's h-m-o.opee enrollment for private ppans is coming up in october and november.and for &pmedicare reeipients... you have rom octtber 15th uutil deeember 7th. outtage is growing over a rummred facebook bug... that's exposing some users' privatee messages to thh public. reported messages showing up on their timelinee.facebook saas there was no malfunction
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&pinstead... the messagee in question were actually old wall posts from before the facebook "timeline""interface was used. 3&ppt's one of the most anticipated t-v movies of the y. year.the trailer for lindday
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looan as elizabeth taylor in a look.d dick" issnow out.take - trailerll trailer ááchatááwhat do you think? 3
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it's been a rouuh week for's been rough it's been a rrugh week for lindsay.first... she was
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arrested for an alleged hit and run incident.. now she niggt in the emergency room wiih a "lung infection..she wasstreated and released. 3 girls as young as 14.. getting the morning after pill. pill.where it's haapeniig.. not even knowwabout it. it. you're watching fox 45 you're [ woman ] dear chex cereal,
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to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven. ((toss to weaaher))
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((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 weather kd tease 3 & 3
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weather kid teese 3
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the morning after pill...
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being dispensed in schools. schools.where ii's happening... wwthout arrntt you're watccing fox 45 good day baltimore.
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ñ ñ ssudents in new york are
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getting more than just an education. they'rr also getting birth contrrl... and the soocalled "morning after" explains... many parrnts may not even know about it. 3 the catch program is one off the first of its kind in the natioon specifically designed &pto target teen pregnancy by giving public sccool students access toobirth control pills -- includdng the plan b &phanded out by school nurses - and available without parental consent. it comes in handy for the girrs who need ii who like to have sex and they don't want tt get pregnant. accordinggto the epartment of health -- more than 7-thousand girls in new york city will become pregnant by age 17. 90 peecent of those pregnancies
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half are terminated. to combat that -- catch is available at 13 schools in high risk zones. for sscools that don't have a schools but teenage pregnancy is just, the good news is that we've broughh teenage pregnancy down by something 10 years. the bad news ii ast - there's still an awful lot of girls who get pregnant at a very earll age. but catch has become controversial among parents and even teachers..i don't agree with ittbecause you can give a kid a piil after from 14 on but you can't give them an aspirin if they have a headache, makes no seese i think that's awful. i think with ssmething like that its very intrrsive, these are still children, they're not 18 years old they're in high school and they ddn't have the experience, the knowledge or maturity to make those decisions for ttemselves. there areealready other places por teens to turn. planned parenthood and even drugstores
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coofidential birth controo to kids as youug as 10 -- nn &pparental consent requiree no questions asked. i mean phere's some parents that don't approve of it and some kiis might need it just in case it is pretty tough to have that conversation bbcause you know they're startiig to grow up. still some critics question wheeher making thoss same drugs available -- and confidential -- in schools -- is going a step too far. kick start your love life. life.the author of "it's complicated but it doesn't have to be" joins us live in studio... with tips on how to finn.. and keep... love. you're watching fox 45 good ddy baltimore. (( dating there ii a lottto
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leaan... ppul brunson, author of it's complicated (but it doesn't have to be): a mdern guiie to finding and keeping love joins us live in studio with mooe. - howwdid ou beccme a matchmakkr/love expert?- why is this something &ppeople need to know how to do? - what can we learn from your b? book? for more for more 3 information on it's
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complicated (butt t doesn't have tt be) log on to ffx &pbaltimore dot com slash more. 3 3 3 3 3 a chilly fall morning out there.morning out there.but will you need that jacket all day ong?steve's got your 7- day forecast [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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technology.the huge bbost the city school system is getting. tonight on fox 45 nees at five.
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3 pá7 day forecastáá 3 ((break 8)) 33 debt collectors
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